12 Deadly Decorating Sins

Are your room designs suffering from a few old habits? It may be time to change your ways. Here are some of the habits that you may be committing:

farmhouse dining room by KATE JOHNS AIA

2. Improper lighting.

Lighting in a home is often too dim or too bright. It’s best to define the task at hand and light accordingly.

How to break this habit? Vary the levels and sources of lighting in a room, and by all means install dimmers. In this multiuse dining room, pendant lights are focused on the table. Whether highlighting food or books, the proper lighting makes this room a place you want to be in.


eclectic kitchen by Enclosures Architects

7. The plague of beige.

Since the overstuffed 1980s, beige has ruled supreme. Even the edgiest souls didn’t venture far from ecru and oatmeal.

Why break this habit? When was the last time you smiled when you saw beige? Life is too short to swaddle oneself in burlap. Color makes us happy. Decorate your way to happiness.


contemporary dining room by LDa Architecture & Interiors

11. Coordinated sets.

Suites of matching furniture hark back to the days when a glimpse of ankle was considered risqué.

Why break this habit? Showcase your personality by mixing together pieces that you truly love and want to live with, not just the items that a manufacturer says go together.


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