This House's "Bioconcrete" Turns Every Drop Of Rain Into Drinking Water

Every time it rains, this concrete house turns into an oversized water filter.

Rainwater runs from the roof through a custom-designed system and ends up in a cistern, clean enough to drink. A demonstration building was on display during Milan Design Week last month, complete with a fake cloud overhead to show it in action.


Here’s how it works: Falling rain is redirected through a series of filters, starting with a patented material called “bioconcrete” on the roof. Specially designed stainless steel pipes filter out more contaminants before the water lands in a cistern.

The technology can be added on to an existing roof or incorporated into new designs. It can also be customized for any size of building, from a single-family home to a plant that manufactures food.

Read more of the process here.


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