When buying a home.. how do I get best deal?


Home Buying.. your questions answered! 



Dean and Luke of Desrosiers Cook Associates are hosting a Home Buyers Seminar March 5th!


If you are someone looking to buy Real Estate this year, you'll need to hear this...

  • How do I "get the best deal"

  • What property types, features, styles will give me best ownership now & in the future

  • When is renting a better option?

  • How do I know that I am paying a fair price or "good" price in this market?

  • How do I protect myself during the process?

  • How does financing work?

  • Find out what common mistakes to avoid!

  • Other than the costs of the property are there other costs involved?

  • What makes a good purchase?


Complimentary ticket, complimentary parking out front, complimentary refreshments! Bring a guest!  Details regarding day & time below on the following link. 

RESERVE or RSVP on this link! 

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