Open House Checklist- Selling Homes

Home Selling tips- Open House

Your open house is almost underway and you’ve taken time to carefully stage it. Now, here are five last minute cleaning tips to quickly spruce up any areas you may have missed.

Prep for pets 

You may be ready for your open house, but your four legged friends might have other ideas. Perform a last minute inspection of any areas your pets frequent as pet hair has a way of showing up unexpectedly. Vacuum carpets and sweep floors with a rubber broom to cleanup debris that may have gathered since your last cleaning.

Check your entryway

Although you may have painted your front door and meticulously cleaned your home’s entryway in the days before your open house, recheck it on open house day. Check for: marks on your door, damaged plants, disheveled door mats, and unexpected messiness that may have accumulated in front of your home since you last inspected it.

Clean up after kids

If children happen to be in your home leading up to your open house, you may want to check for additional messes before potential buyers arrive: Look at your lower windows for finger smudges; check your doorway for dirt; and look at the lower part of your walls for crayon streaks or other stains.

Tip: Remove fridge magnets to depersonalize your home for potential buyers.

Ready your refrigerator

While easy to overlook, the inside of your refrigerator should be as neat and clean as the rest of your kitchen. Make sure it isn’t full of half-consumed food or overstocked to the point where it looks cluttered.

Care for your lawn 

Last minute removal of lawn debris can make your home more appealing and attract more buyers. Eradicate lawn clutter with a leaf blower or a rake. If you’re too busy for exterior home cleaning, consider hiring someone to do it for you, so you can focus on the interior of your home.

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