Good things WILL come from Sysco in Woodstock!

Construction Nearing Completion… Maybe

Noticeable headway has clearly been made regarding the Sysco foods distribution center being built in Woodstock.  The structure appears as though it is ready to do business.  While I’m positive that there is much more work left to do, the sight of the recently hung ‘Sysco’ logo is a sight for sore eyes. 


What will Sysco mean for Woodstock?

In recent years, as most know, the city of Woodstock has attracted new industrial activity, most notably, Toyota and Nova Steal have brought their business to our city.  Sysco foods followed suite when they decided to place their new distribution center in the recently upgraded Commerce Way Industrial Park just off the 401 on Towerline Rd.  

Sysco brings jobs to Woodstock.  Jobs, especially good paying ones, lead to increased economic activity, which is exactly what every city wished to have.  Increased economic activity can positively manifest in various trends that we hope to see down the line. 


How does Sysco affect Oxfords Real Estate Market?

From a real estate perspective, this increased economic activity will hopefully lead to residential growth and an increase in home prices, as having more buyers should increase the demand for properties.  Moreover, more buyers and increased economic activity should keep Woodstock homebuilders busy for years to come. 

The spinoff from Sysco should also lead to more economic prosperity for Woodstock’s local businesses.  For example, automotive sales should climb with the increased population and economic vitality.


Where will Sysco employees settle?

Your guess is probably as good as mine on this matter.  

I see multiple locations that could become the hotbed for Sysco buyers.  First and foremost, the Southeast corner of the city of Woodstock would give Sysco employees the shortest commute to work.  For those that are looking for something newer, I believe that the Northeast corner will be the next stop as employees will not have to drive through town to get to work.   This is not to say that settling anywhere in Woodstock would be a bad option for Sysco’s employees, but rather that I believe these should and will be their first and best options. 

Additionally, I can see Sysco employees settling down just outside of Woodstock.  Areas like Innerkip, Oxford Center and even Mount Elgin provide buyers with more, for less and are not very far from the Sysco site. 


Innerkip and Mount Elgin

While Oxford Center doesn’t offer much in the way of new or re-sale homes of sale, Innerkip and Mount Elgin do.  Innerkip offers a new subdivision by Hunt Homes ( called Innerkip Meadows.  Here you can find multiple designs by a very good builder. 

Mount Elgin on the other hand would not generally come to mind for most but I see it as an option.  Sitting only about 7 minutes from the 401 is a new subdivision in Mount Elgin.  Scott Stewart, a very good builder that offers a variety of designs, builds almost all of the homes.  Additionally, the Mount Elgin lots are generally greater in width and depth in comparison to Woodstock’s.  One could drive from Mount Elgin to Sysco in about 15 minutes, a drive that wouldn’t be much different than living on the west side of Woodstock. 


Are you new to Woodstock?

There are more and more reasons to come to Woodstock being introduced everyday.  Moreover, there are also more opportunities opening up in the world of Oxford County Real Estate. 

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