Guiding First Time Home Buyers - Fearing the unknown

It's a difficult thing deciding its time to buy your first house or property.  From a rational perspective it may make perfect sense to you.  Maybe you don't want to live at home with your parents anymore or don't want to pay rent to someone else so that they can pay down their mortgage and make money.  Perhaps, like many others, your relationship status has a large part to do with the decision as well.  

I think we all would agree that there are a lot of variables that come into play when deciding to purchase your first home.  However, in my experiences the biggest and most prominent is Fear! 

More significantly the fear of the unknown has this amazing ability of paralyzing one into a state of reluctance.   

I would argue that there are 2 things you need to ask yourself:

1.  Do I want to live on my own and am I ready to?  

2.  Can I afford to own my own home?

Many of you may feel that you are not ready; that you don't believe now is the best time to invest in your first home. However, if you answered yes to the first question and are unsure about the second it's time to seek some advice.  The motivation is there, now all you need to do is determine how much you are able to invest and decide if it is an investment worth making for you (It may be easier than you think).  

For all of you out there that peak, for just like an hour or two a day, at new listings on thinking, wondering and dreaming of the day that you can make one of them yours, but not knowing for sure when that will be; the time is now.  Perhaps not to invest, but to fill in the blanks.  To come to realize exactly what owning your own home will entail.  

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