Smoke & Pets: How much will they cost you when selling?

It doesn't matter who you are, how much you love pets or how much you love to smoke... the moment that you walk into someone else home and encounter the smell of someone else's pet(s) and/or are hit by the smell of tobacco and nicotine you instinctively want to turn around and leave.  

I have seen the look on a buyers face when he/she walks through the doors of a house that they were really looking forward to seeing, only to be turned off at the front door.  I hate to say it, but as soon as a buyer takes their first deep breath, its game over for the property.  Often times, since I have the ability to preview properties before the general public, I am able to communicate the issue with my buyers ahead of time.  Not necessarily to sway them away from seeing it, but rather so that they are aware of the issue and can therefore make the decision to see it or not.  In my experience, most buyers will cross it off their list once they have been informed.  If not, generally it comes off, at least in their minds, once they enter the house. 

So, how much will this cost you as a seller?

An article in the Huffington Post suggested that the smell of smoke can decrease a homes value by 29%.  I personally think that this number is slightly exaggerated but, I do agree that the selling price [if it sells] will be heavily impacted. [

We often focus a lot on decluttering, staging, landscaping, taking professional pictures/videos to showcase the property, etc.  These are all incredibly important matters that have been proven to increase the selling price of a home.  I argue that the smell of a home is just as, if not, more important!  

If you're considering selling your home in the next little while, I suggest you add refreshing the smell of your home to your list of things to do!  

STAY TUNED:  Later this week I will post a few options for ways to improve your homes smell via this BLOG, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM!

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