Steady the Course: Woodstock heading North!

If the last couple of years are any indication of things to come, then Woodstock is heading in the right direction!

The introduction of Toyota to the market led the way for what is becoming a hot bed of economic activity.  The most recent economic developments include Sysco foods, whose plant is nearing operation, and Nova Steal.  The obvious reason for these developments is Woodstock's location.  Sitting almost directly on the crossroads of the 401 and 403, Woodstock is able to offer businesses easy access to two of the largest and most utilized transportation routes.  But this of course is not the whole story.

Woodstock truly has so much more to offer!

One of the biggest assets the City of Woodstock has in this matter is the right frame of mind.  See, rather than attempting to pull every last dollar out of these large corporations, the city is catering to their needs.  Among the items within Woodstock's Value Proposition are:

  • No development charges on industrial construction
  • Reduced building permit fees on construction under 50,000 sq ft
  • Reasonable land prices $55,000 - $100,000 per acre
  • Fast site plan approvals
  • Access to a workforce

(Woodstock's Value Proposition: 

Having a city that believes in bringing in more economic development is something that I truly admire.  Bringing more economic activity to Woodstock is something that should benefit the city as a whole.  More jobs should lead to more overall economic activity for the future!

I'm looking forward to seeing where this proactive train of thought takes the city I know and love! 

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