Vimy Ridge, The Birth of Our Nation, A Symbol of Canada and Sacrifice.

My time at Wilfred Laurier has showed me that there are many great stories etched within Canadian history. Obviously, the battle at Vimy Ridge is an iconic triumph within Canadian history.  Today, a memorial stands tall in France to commemerate the fallen soldiers that gave their lives to allow the allied forces to occupy one one of the most crucial positions in the war. 

While the capturing of the ridge was nothing short of amazying, the fact that the memorial still stands today is an amazing occurance in its self.  As Hitler and his German army swept through Europe in World War 2 they generally held nothing back when it came to war memorials.   Destroying and defacing them as they moved through Europe.    

When Hitler reached Vimy Ridge most believed that the great monument would also be destroyed.  Actually, the Canadian government had started to report that the site has already started to be defaced.  In actuallity, Hitler did not wish to harm the great monument.  It was not necessarily that Hitler admired the great accomplishment of the Canadians but rather that it was not a monument to war but, instead, sacrifice.  See the monument at Vimy Ridge is a monument to peace.  There are no guns or war time images carved, there are no images of combating soldiers or anything of that nature.  Rather, the images carved at Vimy Ridge are greiving images for those lost in that great day.  

Hitler, out of respect for this great symbol, assigned his SS to guard the site.  Nobody was to touch it and nobody did. 

Still it stands, a uniting symbol of sacrifice for all Canadians!

Lest We Forget


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