Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring Lawn Care

Ten spring lawn care and maintenance tips to prepare your lawn for the growing season.

Not all of these are Must Do's. The most important items on this list are:

When to fertilize
Crabgrass control and other common lawn weeds
When to start watering

Keep in mind...the goal of your spring lawn care is to encourage maximum root volume and depth to prepare the grass for summer heat and drought. Healthy soils, fertilizing, watering and mowing practices will help you achieve this.

Spring Lawn Care Checklist:

Wait until the soil dries out before you start working in your yard.
Sharpen your lawn mower blades and change the oil.
Help the snow melt by spreading piles.
Have your soil tested if it has been more than three years.
Mow low to remove the dead grass tops.
Aerate your lawn if it didn't get done in the fall.
Overseed bare spots.
Apply crabgrass preventer (pre-emergance) around Easter.
Light nitrogen fertilizer application around Memorial Day.
Wait to water your lawn until late spring/early summer.

Read more from original site: Spring Lawn Care & Maintenance Tips http://www.better-lawn-care.com/spring-lawn-care.html#ixzz49VF582gj

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