2 Great Properties...City and Country

"I'm a little bit Country...and he's a little bit Rock 'n Roll".

Oldsters might recognize this reference. Some may not. A true sign of age I suppose.

Just what is your preference? I know I'm one who lives in a small city who can appreciate country living, but there are times I'm pretty sure I could be a country girl appreciating small city Living.

In a personal family circle concerning musical taste, we have a Rock n' Roller, a blues and jazzer, a country music lover, and an anything goes kind of person, which would be me.

The same can be said with home buyers and the genres they prefer. Everyone has different likes, dislikes, priorities, needs, budgets, etc. There is a perfect home for every person, every family, and sometimes it comes down to the fine art of compromise.

I have 2 terrific listings at the moment. Both so very appealing for very different reasons, and they both have so many nice attributes. They are very much like children with wonderful personalities yet different at the same time, but I love them both. The common thread is that these homes have been called home by both vendors, raising great families in these walls that become home.

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Diane Logan

Diane Logan

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