Can Low Income Earners Buy Homes?

Everyone has to qualify on the 40% ratio.  All payments made (like total mortgage payments, taxes, heating, and any other payments) cannot be more than 40% of your gross yearly earnings.  So, if someone was on a pension, or permanently disabled, as long as they have good credit and falls within the 40% ratios, they can buy a home.

"RRAP" is a program for low income people who own homes, but can't afford to fix up a major item, such as a furnace, water heater etc.  The applicant is already a home owner and applies directly to CMHC.
"Purchase Plus Improvements" is a CMHC program that enables the purchaser to buy a home with money added for renovations.  For example, buyer wants a $200,000 home, but it needs a new kitchen, furnace, windows, or whatever. He has to get quotes for the improvements from reputable contractors.  Say the quotes come in at $10,000.  The mortgage is then $200,000 plus $10,000; less a minimum 5% down on the $210,000.  On closing, the mortgage company holds back the $10,000 until the renovations are done and inspected by a qualified appraiser.  The buyer must have access to $10,000 to get the work done and inspected.  Then when completed, the $10,000 costs are reimbursed to the buyer. 

First time home buyers are Land Transfer Tax exempt.

Risk factors:  bankruptcy history, bad credit, unemployed, on social assistance or unemployment.

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