First Impressions and Selling a Home?

First Impressions and Selling a Home?

Are first impressions important to selling a home?

I remember reading the following:

“In a television commercial, we’re told the sale is made or lost in the first 3 or 4 seconds. In a print ad, tests have shown, 75% of the buying decisions are made at the headline alone. In a sales presentation, data have shown us, the sale is made or lost in the first three minutes.”

Experience suggests that the power of first impressions plays an emotional role in home buying.  As with most purchases, buyers first buy into homes with their emotions and eyes.  In those critical first few minutes a buyer’s expressions say yes or no to a home purchase.

When buyers walk into the ideal home for them, one can see the joy in their eyes; their faces light up with delight. The look and feel of a home generates a greater emotional response than any other factor.

As they walk through the home, what they see tends to confirm their feelings of pleasure.  And once they start to picture themselves living in the home, they’ve taken the first step to buying.  

Positive emotions can create amazing mental focus.  Other homes viewed after, pale in comparison.  Homes seen prior quickly fade from memory.  Only at this point do buyers use their reasoning and diligence to either justify the purchase or eliminate the home.

Conversely, a home can turn people off instantly upon getting past nothing more than the front door, prompting the phrase, “I’ve seen enough.”  Most will politely and quickly view a home that stirs negative feelings.

Other dynamics can heat or cool buying emotions.

  • An unwanted neighbourhood can offset positives by creating internal conflict.  Buyers might consider taking a pass on viewing this home.
  • If the home is decidedly overpriced, though its look and feel might impress, the price generates a negative effect, counterbalancing the home’s physical attraction and desire to attempt a buy.
  • Supply and demand creates market conditions that can add to good feelings a home inspires or cause anxiety, even if interest rates support buying.

An objective 3rd party can give the needed balance to make a well thought out, good decision.  Ask your trusted REALTOR® Diane Walker for help and advice.

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