Is your goal to be a millionaire... or to have your home paid in full? 

First step first, to get a home!  Buying a home is almost impossible if you have not saved enough for the down payment.  With 5% of the price of the home as the down payment, you'll go through Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corp. who provide mortgage insurance.  Or, to avoid the CMHC insurance cost, you need 20% of the home price for the down payment.  CMHC has been toughening lending policies, making it harder to buy a home... so save for your down payment.

And, can you afford the mortgage payment in the long run?  Use the old Rule of Thumb, "one third of your month's pay should cover the mortgage payment".

Look at your cash flow with this in mind.  Normally, all the money you pay to your mortgage, you get it ALL back when you sell it... and, your "interest" earned is the increase in equity value when your home appreciates (home prices going up every year).  There is no greater "savings account" than owning a home. 

Having your home paid in full is the next step... to becoming a millionaire!


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