Succeding in all Areas.

November 27th., 2011

Succeeding in all Areas

Success on the financial and material levels is not all. I must seek to succeed in all areas of my life. How can I truly enjoy my professional success if my emotional life is unhappy or empty. How can I enjoy my family life if I ruin my health by abusing alcohol and drugs? How can I feel proud of my accomplishments if they are based on lies and cheating?

Today, I seek to achieve equilibrium in all areas of my life. I take stock of my life and I see that some aspects need improving. So I draw up a plan of action to improve anything that concerns me. Sometimes we need to make small changes to feel good about a situation. Equilibrium does not necessarily involve total upheaval. Sometimes all it takes to establish equilibrium is a sensible and gradual approach.

Dieter Turek

Dieter Turek

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