Think "Win - Win"

November 28th., 2011

Think “Win – Win”

Today, I am convinced that success calls for an approach based on the ‘win – win” principle. In a transaction, a relationship or business dealing, all parties must find what they are looking for. If the situation is based on providing an unreasonable advantage to one of the parties to the detriment of others, the result will be dissatisfaction and resentment. I seek to structure all of my transactions on the “win – win” principle. Of course, it may not be possible to strike the perfect balance between expectations, but the intention to satisfying each of the parties involved eliminates a significant number of potential problems.

Today, I know that by applying the “win – win” principle, I can build viable long term relationships. To do so, I must be both firm and flexible: I must find the best compromise between what is essential for me and what is essential for the other parties involved in the transaction.

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Dieter Turek

Dieter Turek

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