How to protect your car from car thieves!

A car or truck is stolen every minute of every day!

Deserted parking lots are stereotypically the stomping ground for car thieves but the truth is you’re more likely to be a victim of an opportunistic thief who looks for unlocked cars.  Here are a few helpful tips that'll make your car less of a target:
  • conceal valuable items in order to avoid a thief’s temptation
  • steering clamps will deter thieves or at least slow them down
  • always lock your car and never leave it running, even for a minute

Imagine how you’d feel if you went to your car only to find an empty parking spot.  The more time and effort it takes for a thief to steal your car, the less attractive it (and its contents) becomes so be pro-active and keep your car in its spot.
Dinesh Kapoor

Dinesh Kapoor

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