Being able to tell if someone’s lying is an invaluable skill!

One of the most effective ways to determine if someone’s lying is to examine subtle gestures.  Here are a few tips that'll help turn you into a human lie detector:

  1. Liars Look Away - A deceptive person avoids making eye contact.
  2. Um, Err - Liars mispronounce words and stutter due to tension.
  3. Working Overtime - Deceptive answers usually take longer than truthful ones.
  4. Hands Up - Covering the mouth and rubbing the nose and eyes can indicate lying.
  5. Fade Away - Their body will take up less room and any movement will be stiff and limited.
  6. Switch It Up - Liars welcome a change in conversation resulting in their body language becoming more relaxed.
  7. Pick Pocket - Showing palms is a sign of honesty so people who are lying will often put their hands in their pockets and fidget.

Detecting deceit isn't always easy as some people are better liars than others but body language almost always tells the truth.  People will occasionally exhibit some of the above behaviour when they're telling the truth so individually they're only indicators but when combined together, it’s likely that they’re lying.

Dinesh Kapoor

Dinesh Kapoor

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