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I know I’m not the only one who has noticed this, but Regina is really starting to shine. Not the kind ofshine that you might associate with a place like Toronto; with its glitz and light pollution, but the kind of shine that you imagine when the long awaited underdog hits the spotlight.

In Alberta and Ontario, Regina is a part of the ‘gap’ that connects the east and west. ‘Gap’ no more. We made it to top 5 cities in Canada to live! No, I wasn’t the one who decided that, it was published by MoneySense, Canada’s Personal Finance Magazine, in 2012. What an accomplishment!
*Cue the applause*

We did it. So as we explode in the field of growth and employment, our city has managed to join the ranks of ‘fun’ cities. We are gaining the population combined with a strong economic backbone to support more entertainment venues. So if you are new to Regina, or new to the idea of Regina being a fun place, take a gander through the lists of new and old restaurants that are serving up live entertainment to make this beautiful city even better!

In recent years we’ve had some great restaurants open up that host live music and entertainment:

Flip Eatery & Drink right in the Downtown District. http://www.fliprestaurant.ca/
Lancasters Taphouse. in Harbour Landing. http://www.thelancaster.ca/news-events.html
The Mercury my favourite old fashioned diner in the heart of Cathedral.
The Artful Dodger Café and Music Emporium close to the downtown district. http://www.artfuldodgerarts.com/
The Hookah lounge. Downtown District (ok not a restaurant, but worth mentioning as a new concept to this old City) http://www.hookahloungeregina.ca/

But we can’t forget about our classic live entertainment places!

Abstraction Café. Downtown District http://www.abstractionscafe.com/
Ohanlon’s Irish Pub. Downtown District
Cathedral Village Freehouse (Salsa on Wednesdays!) http://www.thefreehouse.com/cathedral/
Bushwakker Brew Pub. on the Dewdney Strip http://www.bushwakker.com/
McNally’s Tavern. on the Dewdney Strip http://www.mcnallystavern.ca/index.php/en/
The Rooftop Bar and Grill. Downtown District
Applause Dinner Theatre. Downtown District http://applausetheatre.ca/wordpress/

What are your favourite places to go in Regina?

Also Stay Tuned to this website to find events so you can join the fun and really live while you’re living in Regina! http://www.sasktourism.com/travel-information/event-search-result

Okay I hope everyone has been enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having! Remember if you need any advice or real estate services, this Regina-Enthusiast would be more than happy to help.

Crystal Dutka

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