Halloween Safety for your Pets

Always good to keep our little children safe, but remember that our loved pets need to be safe too during the Halloween tricking and treating.  See the following from the Regina Humane Society.


The RHS Reminds You To Keep Your Pets Safe This Hallowe’en

REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN –The Regina Humane Society (RHS) knows Hallowe’en is a fun time to dress
up and indulge in candy and games. Many of us enjoy sharing the excitement with our pets. The RHS offers
a few easy ways to help you and your animals enjoy the haunting season safely.

1. No treats for Fido. Chocolate can be toxic to dogs and cats, and tin foil and cellophane candy wrappers
can be hazardous if eaten. No matter how much they beg, don’t share your candy haul with your pets. Treat
them with an extra biscuit or two to avoid poisoning or upset stomachs.

2. Take care with candles. Make sure your pets can’t knock over burning candles you use in your
Hallowe’en decorations or jack-o-lanterns. The flames or hot wax can cause burns and may even lead to a
large structure fire. Flashlights and LEDs are a great alternative for spooking up your house.

3. Dress without stress. If your pet doesn’t mind donning a costume for the occasion, make sure it’s safe. That means no small dangling pieces that they can chew or choke on. Just like people, they need to be able to breathe comfortably, see and hear clearly, and be able to move safely, without tripping. Also it’s best to avoid using make-up to prevent a pet licking it off and getting sick.

4. Get unplugged. With all the extra power cords that come with Hallowe’en decorations, make sure your pet can’t chew them. This will prevent a nasty electric shock for your animal, and avoid a fire hazard from frayed or exposed wires. Cover your cords with pipe or generally put them out of pets reach.

5. A place of their own. The excitement and disrupted schedules holidays bring make animals nervous.
Your normally quiet pet may act differently, especially with lots of extra people dropping by. Both you and
they will be happier and safer if they can relax in a quiet corner of the house with their bed and a few
favourite toys when trick-or-treaters come to call.

Many people would like to treat a homeless pet with the gift of sponsoring an adoption. Find out more about
adoption sponsorship and view all our adoptable pets on-line at www.reginahumanesociety.ca .

About the Regina Humane Society The Regina Humane Society is a non-profit registered charity which
respectfully serves animals and the community. Since 1964, the Society has passionately encouraged
responsible pet ownership and humane policies, legislation, and progressive animal welfare programs. We
provide clean, healthy and safe facilities to unwanted, lost, abused and neglected animals. We offer
compassionate, professional and caring adoption, cremation, and animal protection services, and
educational and public safety programs.

For more information on this story or the Regina Humane Society please contact:
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Director of Communications
Regina Humane Society
Phone: 306-543-6363 (Ext. 229)
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