5 Tips For The Perfect Kitchen Remodel!

Tip 1 – Think inside the box – Maybe you’ve been kicking around some grand plans for a big room addition – making the kitchen of your dreams. That’s all well and good but if you’re concerned about future resale value now is probably not the best time for big expensive plans.

Tip 2 – Spend on the 2 C’s first (Cabinets and Countertops) – According to a study done by Remodeling Magazine the top two kitchen products requested to increase the looks, function and economic value of a kitchen remodeling design are cabinets and counter tops. For the cabinets consider a full replacement or a refinishing  

Tip 3 – Get a design in mind – What theme or look are you after? Maybe a cool, sleek contemporary European look? Or a Tuscan or ornate theme? Make sure your kitchen design approach works well with the adjoining rooms.  

Tip 4 – Build in the cool…on a budget – Don’t get too crazy on what you spend. In today’s real estate market, you’ll have a hard time getting back big money you spend on expensive commercial grade appliances or really extravagant fixtures (note: the average kitchen remodel is currently between $25,000 and $30,000 – although you’ll want to keep the market value of your neighbourhood in mind for the correct spending budget for your project). 

Tip 5 – Make it useable by everyone – Look to make your kitchen design usable from those younger to those older with limited mobility. Universal designs do not need to look institutional – but they do require a bit more planning. Look for cabinets with simple pulls or no handles. Consider pull out shelves and sliding drawers. Purchase a remote control for the range hood.

If you have any questions about home renews or looking for an agent to find out the dream kitchen, contact CENTURY 21 Dome Realty Inc. at 306-789-1222.

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