Facebook Live: A Powerful Way to Reach New Clients

Are you trying to reach the largest audience possible? Now you can. Connect with more people than ever before using Facebook Live to broadcast current listings, open house information, and upcoming events to new audiences in exciting ways.

  1. Promote Facebook Live on all of your social channels before you begin streaming to ensure the largest audience possible. You can also create a Facebook event and live broadcast right from the event page.
  2. A wifi connection will make streaming easier. If you can’t get a wifi signal, leave a disclaimer on the event page so if there’s a hiccup, your audience will know it could be due to the connection.
  3. There’s a three-second countdown before Facebook Live begins streaming. A slight pause is normal!
  4. Good lighting is key. Facebook automatically stabilizes video to control shaky hands, but you’ll want to be well-lit so your image is clearly visible.
  5. Tell people on-camera they’re live. You don’t want anyone saying anything they’ll later regret!
  6. Encourage comments throughout the broadcast. Ask users questions to keep the conversation rolling.
  7. Keep it interesting! Facebook Live broadcasts should last for at least five minutes. Outline your talking points before you begin. Note: A Facebook Live session cannot exceed 90 minutes.
  8. The success of the video depends on the audience. Make sure your audience feels like they are part of the experience. Again, asking questions is key.
  9. Promote your Facebook Live session when it’s over on all of your social channels. The video will automatically save to your Facebook timeline.
  10. Don’t stop! Create more videos and make them part of a larger series. This is your chance to tell a story. And if you broadcast at a set time, it will be easier for users to remember when you’re on. Think of it as your own TV show.

Reference these steps as you begin your first broadcasts and take advantage of an incredible opportunity to connect with your clients in an exciting new way.

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