Drop Zone for Easter Seals - Thoughts by The Human Fly

Here are my thoughts to share about the questions I was asked for the 2016 Drop Zone...

Q. What is it that intrigued you most about Drop Zone?
A. I have a fear of heights and wanted to conquer that fear at least a little bit and thought there would be cool views and a rush and I would become an instant rock star.

Q. Why did you sign up?
A. A great cause that I believe in and I knew I could get sponsorship and earn some funds for this cause as many friends would actually pay to see me do this. I mean I have some pretty unusual friends and relatives.

Q. What was it like to rappel from the top of the building? How did you feel?
A. Did I rappel?? Is that what they call it?   Hell I just hung on for dear life and knew once I went over the wall if I didn’t work the ‘gear thingy’ I would be hanging up there for the rest of my life and I didn’t want to spend it looking at the side of a building in a sling!!!  I felt like I had made a monumental mistake but knew I didn’t know how to crawl back up… they didn’t train me for that!!  I didn’t look East! I didn’t look West! I sure as hell didn’t look down! So, so much for the great views and the rush of that.  I just looked at the bloody wall and thought ‘nice wall but I have seen better and oh yeah ‘these wings aren’t going to save me, they aren’t very good … I should have brought a motor with me and at least two mothering big parachutes’

Q. What was going through your mind right before you stepped over the edge?
A. Several thoughts really.  First thought was:’ Is the guy  who tied these knots a boy scout or a sailor? Does he really know knots or is he like me and just figures if the knot is big… it must be safe!!’  The second thought was ‘I could just have put $2,000 on my line of credit and sent it off to Easter Seals and not be swinging in space where God didn’t intend me to be. I wasn’t born with feathers  was I? No, I had to buy them!  That first step into space I wasn’t thinking –‘  One small step for mankind’ I was thinking ‘ holy S**t Human Fly, you done made a huge mistake… you’ve made them before but not at this LEVEL’!!  Oh yeah and by the way what happened to my legs and why the hell are they not working and why shaking like  this.  Hell, it’s only 23 stories up… I mean really what’s the worst thing that can happen??  How long will it take me to get back to earth and how quickly can I get there?? Big mistake baby …BIG mistake !

Q. What was the most exciting/enjoyable part of the day?
A. When I was about 20-25’ from the ground and lost contact with the wall and was swinging around prone to the ground , out of control and looking like a failed trapeze artist and I just relaxed and thought “My God I am almost down … the worst that can happen now is a broken skull and a leg or two and they can actually reach  me if I can’t figure out this ‘gear’ and of course when I touched the ground that was fabulous, really fabulous. I mean really really fabulous. This Fly was grounded.!! At last at last.

Q.Sum up your zone experience in one word.
A. Jesus! I love you Jesus.

Q. Why is it important…. to support Easter Seals ?
A. These folks and their parents and support people  meet and overcome obstacles every day that make our petty problems and issues so miniscule it is embarrassing. They have such courage and do things with such dignity and fortitude as they deal with obstacles everyday in their lives and they do it with such desire and fervour that to not support them and learn from them is to be foolish beyond common sense. To give them some brief respite and joy is a gift worth doing. That’s why I went over the edge of that building.

~ Don Clark
   A.K.A  The Human Fly

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