To Condo or not to Condo?

As a realtor of 25 years experience, I often find the decision to move into a condo is sometimes not well thought through.

Let’s look at some considerations!!

Thoughts to Consider:

What do you really want? It may not be what your friends want.

Let’s face it – people wear shirts you wouldn’t be caught ‘dead’ in, drive cars or have decorations you wouldn’t consider. We are different so look at YOUR needs and wants.  You can’t wiggle your toes in the sod on your concrete patio deck!

The really good news is that there are a number of new condo projects which offer condominium cottage living and permanent single family living in condo communities on your own patch of land, and yet the condo fees cover grass cutting, snow clearing, etc. RIGHT UP TO YOUR FRONT DOOR. This is great news!

1)      Climbing stairs (for many, not all) is one of the best exercises you can get (ie. The Stairmaster is one of any fitness centres’ favourite pieces of equipment!). Think about that.

2)      Make sure YOU are ready, and not being pushed into it by well meaning children who say they worry about you and ‘it’s time’. Hey it may be, but if you aren’t falling down all the time, enjoy living in a home, with a yard, etc. and can still eat and wash and don’t have to change your shirt (or pants!) after every meal and you value your independence, do this: invite your kids over for dinner and remind them, you had to change their diapers and that when they have to change yours, then you’ll move!

3)      When you buy a condo, the traditional documents given to you in addition to the declaration and bylaws (which govern the rules of living in the building) are the last financial statement and minutes of the last AGM (annual general meeting) and what you should ask your realtor is to add a clause that you would like to get a copy of the minutes of every meeting for the last 2 years. The reason? If the condo has been having some problems with too many tenants, pet problems, or hassles with the building, you will know from the minutes. If you don’t like what you read, you can opt out of the agreement and keep on looking without penalty.

4)      Remember, condos come with a monthly condo fee of $200-$600+ per month and for that money you can pay someone to cut your grass, shovel your snow and keep an eye on your property when you are away, and still have money left to make upgrades.

5)      Don’t move into a place too small. You don’t want to listen to her ‘wrestling program’ when it is interfering with your ‘cooking program’. Also… the storage space or area has to be sufficient for you to keep your ‘camel saddle’ and other collectibles in.

So… today, today you have more condo options than ever before that can work for you. What makes you happy now? Keep as many of these options available to yourself in the future. What is good for your soul… is good for your life.

Don Clark
Century 21 Team One Realty
Halifax, NS

Don Clark

Don Clark

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