HOUSE vs. CONDO! Which is the better buy?

Answer: Neither! For a person who spends a lot of time away from home; doesn't like the hassle of yardwork or maintaining important exterior features like roofs and windows; and who likes to be centrally located - then a Condo may be the perfect option! Condominium corporations generally include a monthly fee that covers things that people may not be paying attention to (roof, windows, exterior, grounds maintenance, garbage disposal, etc.). By taking these responsibilities out of the equation, a Condo could be the perfect option for someone who is busy and uninterested in such responsibilities. However, for a growing family looking for privacy and and a fenced yard and wanting to live out in the country, the only option may be to start looking for a house as condos are generally located within town limits. These are just a few examples of the differences that exist between Condo and Home ownership. The important thing is that people evaluate what purposes they want their homes to serve in their lives. Feel free to comment with other differences, your opinions, or any questions that you may have!

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