Ask Our Expert: Budget Friendly Bathroom Update

Q: Could you suggest some ways to update a bath without completely remodeling?

-Brenda Lee, CENTURY 21 Partners, Owensboro, KY

A: Kitchens and bathrooms are key rooms that are first to date a house. A complete remodel in tight times can be costly. There are, however, a few designer tricks that can put a fresh spin on an outdated bathroom.

Walls: Nothing freshens a space more than a coat of paint. When picking your palette, think “spa.” Wall colors such a deep taupe, shale blue, and rich golden tan always work because they’re nature-inspired. Pair with soft white trim and you’re good to go.

Cabinets: Perk up dark wood cabinets by simply painting them the same color as white or cream trim. Complete the update with modern, oversized hardware. Brushed chrome or nickel finishes are timeless and add sparkle to the space.

Light Fixtures: Replace cold overhead lights with inexpensive track lights in the same color as your ceiling. Use dimmer switches and halogen bulbs to cast arcs of light only where you need them without destroying the mood of the space.

Mirrors: In tight quarters add full-length mirrors framed in molding that matches the room’s trim. This will visually stretch and add more “architecture” to the room.

Accessories: Fresh white terrycloth is a classic touch that says “spa”—so no more fussy accent towels that could simply date the space. Add great looking regional or shore-inspired black-and-white photography framed in nickel to match your new hardware. Hit it with a track spotlight, and it all comes together.

These little touches can help freshen and update any bathroom without breaking the bank. You can do it!

CHRISTOPHER LOWELL, an interior designer and Emmy Award-winning TV host, is known for doable design advice that nets stunning results.

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