The Ultimate Home Personality Quiz

By CENTURY 21 on September 2nd, 2014

Have you ever wondered which type of home is right for you and your family? Take this fast quiz to discover which popular house style might be the best fit for you. (Loosely keep track of which answers you choose so that you can discover your results at the end.)

1. I like my coffee:

a. Black

b. Black with Skim

c. I’d rather have a soy latte

d. I’d rather make a green juice

2. On my day off, I’d like to:

a. Go on a yoga retreat

b. Have a day at the park with the kids

c. Take a spa day

d. Hike in the wood

3. The music that helps me unwind is:

a. Acoustic guitar

b. Jazz

c. Classical

d. Nature soundscapes

4. Choose your favorite color from this list:

a. Orange

b. Blue

c. Maroon

d. Grey

5. In my yearbook, I was voted most likely:

a. To invent something

b. To brighten your day

c. To be President

d. To be in the Olympics

Now it’s time for your results…

If you most often chose A, you may like a Modern Style House

Unique and independent, you’re a low-maintenance person who likes to stand out. Go against the grain, and settle into this bold type of home.

If you most often chose B, you may like a Craftsman Style House

A classic and modest person fits this type. As someone who is traditional, but not boring, you want a home that’s practical and comfortable for you and your family.

If you most often chose C, you may like a Colonial Style House

People describe you as an attention-grabber, and your house should be nothing less. Bigger is better, so after a long day of giving it your all at work, you should come home to a space that feels rewarding.

If you most often chose D, you may like a Ranch Style House

Rough and rugged is a good thing with you. A one-story ranch style home suits your on-the-go and eco-friendly lifestyle. Happiness, to you, is enhancing your outdoor space as much as your indoor area.

Now remember, these results aren’t definite. Choose whatever style you like best when you search the CENTURY 21® website.

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