Kickin' it old school

The one thing I feared the most when entering into this exciting "roller coaster ride" career over two years ago now, was door to door contact as for the most part, I am a shy person. Well, let me tell you, after spending 7 1/2 hours pounding the pavement on the streets of Chase, I have conquered that fear! It was much easier and surprisingly more rewarding than I ever expected! People were very hospitable for the most part and only had one person who was less than happy to see me. My only goal was to introduce myself and drop off a little token for taking up their time. Thank you Chaseians (people of Chase, BC), it was worth all the effort and sore feet! It was great too meet you all and gave me some very good insight into the needs of the people of the great Village of Chase!

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Donna Smith-Bradley

Donna Smith-Bradley

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