Thinking of Selling? How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar...

Thinking of Selling? How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar...

            - By Doren Quinton, Owner/Agent Century 21 Desert Hills Realty

We are currently in one of the lowest interest rate cycles in history. Is it time to buy that home you have been watching or is it best to wait? If you are currently renting or don’t have a home to sell, you are in a great negotiating position to buy a home for the best possible price. If you have a home to sell, it is generally prudent to list your home and get some feedback and interest prior to looking at or putting an offer on a new home.

So if you need to sell, here are the top things I would recommend doing in order to get maximum value in our current market:

1) Get your home on the market as quickly as possible. There currently isn’t a glut of homes on the market and with little competition, one can generally sell for a little extra money with the right marketing. Even if you are still doing some renovations, it is imperative to list your home to keep up with your competition. You can delay showings for a few weeks or explain to buyers where you’re at with renovations, but if you’re not on the market and the right buyer comes along, they won’t know you exist. Listing as quickly as possible isn’t what you would expect atop the list of achieving maximum value, but I have been able to sell several homes recently for a lot more than most REALTORS® were telling me I could, simply because we’re not competing with many other homes.

2) Get a realistic picture of how your home will appear to buyers. Everyone loves something about their home and few realize that any deficiencies exist. Don’t be afraid to ask your REALTOR® bluntly for feedback and don’t take it personally. If you have a good REALTOR®, they will give you the feedback you need to improve the look and first impression of your home for potential buyers.

3) Present well - turn on the lights for a showing, turn on some soothing music, get a fresh scent in the air (homemade bread works wonders!), and leave some cookies for your guests. These simple gestures will let your buyers know that you care for your home and you treat your buyers with respect.

4) Paint - a good coat of a neutral colour, particularly in the entry way, will go a long way to getting a reasonable offer. Bold or dated colours, ding marks etc will likely discount your home by up to $5,000 and it’s an easy fix.

5) Get rid of clutter - this isn’t going to be your home anymore, so get rid of all the excessive piles, toys, personal items, collectibles, etc. You want your home to present to the buyer as if it will be their home. Empty space without clutter also makes your home look larger.

6) Upgrades – the old question about how many renos to do prior to selling is always a tricky subject. Of course kitchens and bathrooms are very important and are likely a good use of money to get top dollar. However, the bigger question is to ask yourself, “Are there any particular rooms or items that would potentially hinder a sale?” The most difficult homes to sell sometimes have minor repairs or updates needed to turn some of those negative comments into potential sales. Outdated or low-light fixtures, worn carpet, peeling paint, poor colour choices – these aren’t extremely expensive fixes but they can quickly turn off a buyer as most would prefer to be able to move right in. If you are in a competitive marketplace, you either have to beat your competition by price, location, or condition of the home.

7) The little things – Finally it’s the little things that can sometimes push you over the edge in getting an offer. Spend a few hours with a caulk applicator and seal your baseboards and trim, open window blinds to let in light, and clean up your decks and yards.

Those are just some things you may want to consider to increase the value of your home and improve your prospects of getting an offer. There are also several problems you will want to avoid – unpleasant odours (yes even if they don’t bother you), pets, grimy bathrooms (replace that caulk), unkept gutters, damp smelling basements ... and finally – nosey sellers that watch potential buyers from across the street.

If you’re thinking about selling, now is a great time to get things in order.

Doren Quinton
Owner/Agent Century 21 Desert Hills Realty
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