Awards Season


There used to be four seasons in a year. Nowadays, though, it seems that a fifth season has been added to the calendar – the award show season. It seems that every time we turn on the television there is another show to watch with all of its accompanying glitz, glamour and prestige.

 At CENTURY 21, we enjoy the spectacle as much as anyone else! We are entering our awards season, too, and individual agents and offices are anxiously awaiting the news to see who will receive the much coveted awards at our gala celebration to be held in Saskatoon in March (just like the Academy Awards).

 For many years CENTURY 21 agents have been dedicated to raising funds for the Easter Seals Camp at Watrous, Saskatchewan. This past year we raised $28,030. Funds were raised through three different fundraising events and by personal donations by agents. We have won awards for our efforts in the past, and we are hoping for an award in this category this year as well. We will keep you posted.


Doug Huntley

Doug Huntley

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