5 Things to Do Right Now to Ensure You Aren’t Broke in 2016

Well, it’s December. We’ve been lucky this year – the weather has held out and we’re still enjoying fall-like weather. Don’t be fooled though, the snow is on its way!

What else is on its way? January. And what does that mean for most real estate sales people and brokers? You guessed it…that deer in the headlights look and the questions, “What happened? I was so busy last year…”

Well, you’re probably slowing down right now. You’re likely, if you’re the typical agent, thinking that now is the time to take it easy because no one else is working, so I might as well enjoy the season.

You’re partly right! You really should enjoy the season and make plans to spend a ton of time with your family! That’s what this season is all about – no matter what your personal beliefs are – this is the time to celebrate your friends and family and be thankful for them. Awesomeness.


It’s not time to take your foot off the gas in your real estate business. Why? We know that you will see results from your actions about 60 days after you perform them. Today is December 3rd, that means, if you’re willing to really put out maximum effort, there’s about 17 work days left before most people take a mini-vacation. This includes Saturdays – be willing to do what other won’t so you can have what they can’t! Here’s how I suggest you take advantage of those days. If you haven’t taken steps already to make sure 2016 starts with a bang, here are 5 things I think you should be doing, right now, to ensure you make the most of the coming year:

  1. Look for ways to have at least 20 conversations per work day about real estate. 20 x 17 days = 340 conversations about real estate. Think you might, maybe, get a few leads if you have 340 conversations about real estate? Yeah, me too. I’ll make it easier: if you get an appointment at call number 3, stop for the day and start again the next day. Your lead gen work can be done for that day. An appointment is the goal after all!
  2. Why not send an updated comparative market analysis (CMA) to everyone in your database between now and the holiday? Think they might like to see what’s been happening in the area? Remember, consumers can see all the active listings, but they don’t get to see the sales until we do a CMA for them. Add value by providing information and interpretation that they can’t get any other way.
  3. Sort through your old leads from the last year from open houses, online leads, sign calls, etc., and follow up. Yes, again! Some of those old leads that you thought were cold or had moved on might still be active. Often buyers are spending up to 18 months doing research before they decide to choose a REALTOR® and move ahead with their home search. You’ve done the work of generating those leads, don’t let them just fade away; serve them!
  4. Drop by your Top 21 past clients and wish them a Happy Holiday. Why not take them something that you think they’d enjoy? Something personal is always appreciated. The trick here is to make the effort to go see them in person. Show them that you care and they will reciprocate.
  5. Take it up a notch, and invite your Top 3 clients out for coffee or lunch on you. There is no better way to strengthen your connection to someone than by ‘breaking bread’ with them. That’s one coffee date per week – it’ll be fun…and profitable!

Your success is up to you! If you did nothing after Number 1 on this list, you’d still have a better January and February than expected, so give it a shot. I believe in you :)

Wishing you continued success in all that you do,


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  1. Constantine 12/03/2015 at 3:58 PM Great kick start for 2016. My favourite on the list is an updated comparative market analysis. Home owners may be surprised at how much their homes have increased over the years. They may be thinking of downsizing. You are just planting the seed for future business. You may gain a new listing and a buy from doing a CMA.

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