How Do the Top Producing Real Estate Agents DO IT?

Ever go to a real estate conference or training session, say in Toronto or some other big town, and sit next to an agent you haven’t met before and they don’t really look successful (maybe they’re wearing scuffed up cowboy boots and a plaid shirt) but you ask them anyway, “How’s business?” Ever have one of them say, “Oh, not so great, I only did 300 deals last year.”  Or “Oh, not great, I only grossed $500,000 last year.” – and then they have the nerve to look disappointed and depressed?!

Do you know why they’re doing so much more than you? Maybe as much as ten times as much as you’ve done in your best year ever?

Do you ever question yourself, “Why am I not doing that much business? How do they DO it?!”

Is it because they’re special? Is it because they’re super-intelligent? Or super gifted? Maybe it’s because of ‘their market conditions’….

I don’t think so. Do you? Really?

Could it be that you just aren’t doing the things that they are doing?

Routines and scripts exist, and people pay to learn them, because they have been proven and refined for decades by people out there actually using them successfully! So why do you resist doing the things and saying the things that make other agents succeed at the highest level?

I would never advocate saying anything to a potential client that is deceptive or misleading – far from it, but if you don’t ask for the business at some point, you just won’t be successful. Period.

Drop me a line to learn what we’re teaching our people at Century 21 United Realty Inc.; I’d love the chance to share some winning strategies with you too.

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