Myths About Mega Producers

Ah, to be one of ‘them’. The big guns. The #1 agents (no, really, actual #1 agents!), Top Producers, best in class, etc. It sure looks like a glamourous lifestyle, doesn’t it?

When I was new to real estate I often wondered, just how do they do it? Surely there must be some magic in it. Some mystic ritual or clever trickery to it. How could they, with the same number of hours in the day that I have, seem to accomplish so much more?

What makes them so darn successful?

In this post, I’ll share with you some of the myths that many industry insiders think make these people so great. But that’s what they are: Myths.

The real secret is that there is no secret – but don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!

Let’s get started.

Myth #1 – They got lucky

They just had to be in the right place at the right time and that one great deal catapulted them to stardom. Right?

Well, not likely. The idea here is that they don’t deserve their success because they were given their success by someone else or by virtue of luck or happenstance.

The truth is that we make our own luck. It’s been my experience that, the more you do, the luckier you get. In other words, it’s not really luck at all. It’s a singular drive and dedication to doing the simple things (ahem, daily prospecting…) that have been proven to work and then doing them over and over again. There are not lucky breaks, the ‘breaks’ you get are the result of months or even years of effort.

Want to change your ‘luck’? Work on those activities that will get you in front of more people every day.

Want to make a wager on how lucky you’ll get ;)

Myth #2 – The don’t have to worry about money

They just have so much cash flow that it doesn’t matter how much money they spend on advertising therefore they always have tons of new leads. They don’t have to worry about budgeting their marketing money because they just have so much!

Pure malarkey. You might be tempted to say to yourself, I just can’t compete with that! I haven’t got tons of cash, I might as well just forget it.

The reality is that I can’t think of one top producer who doesn’t know, to the penny, how much they’re spending. They are extremely careful with every dollar and they track return on marketing dollars. They’ve tested and retested their assumptions. They know, by experimentation, what works and what doesn’t. They may be spending larger amounts of money than you, but I can guarantee that the money they spend is well spent.

So start small. Track your advertising spending and measure what works. “What gets measured, improves.” Even the top producer had to start somewhere!

Myth #3 – They have no life

It’s impossible! They must eat, breathe, and sleep real estate! They have to work 24/7/365 to do that much business!

Ever caught yourself thinking, ‘If I did that much business, I’d never see my family! What kind of life is that?’ I did. Honestly, when I was new, I really thought that to reach that level of success, I’d have to be a virtual real estate machine with no quality of life.

The reality is so far from this idea, that it’s almost laughable. Most of the top producers I know are absolutely ruthless with their time. They set priorities that force them to have a wonderful quality of life! Many of them don’t even work weekends anymore.

Time management, or more precisely, task management is the secret here. Working smarter and not harder. Sounds like new age nonsense, right? Wrong!

You are in business. For the love of Pete, act like it!

Schedule your day, week, month and year like a business and stop flying by the seat of your pants! Do an analysis of your time spent each day. I can almost guarantee that up to 90% of what you’re doing has almost NO impact on your bottom line.

Harsh? Yes. But it’s true.

Myth #4 – They know a secret shortcut

They’ve gone to some kind of seminar and were able to obtain the ‘secret’, or they’ve found some kind of workaround that just makes it easier to generate business.

Well obviously the super successful among us must have access to some secret information that the rest of us don’t so we’ll never get to that level. Right? Seriously? If you haven’t started to guess by now that there is no secret, then you’ve got farther to go than I’d hoped.

Look, this isn’t calculus and you don’t need to do anything beyond the tried and true tested activities to be successful. It’s all been done before, most of it is free online! Do your research and find the best methods of lead generation you can and put them into practice.

Ask your broker or manager for help – that’s why we’re here. The rest is up to you!

Myth #5 – They’re jerks!

Mongol General: What is best in life?

Conan: To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

From Conan the Barbarian

In short, a lot of average agents believe that top agents are just jerks. They have to be, they can’t care about their clients or give great service – they’re just too busy! Besides, being a jerk means you don’t really care anyway; you can be ruthless and cold-hearted.

Who wants to become a jerk to grow their business? Not me! And I’m willing to bet you aren’t either.

The reality is that top producers are laser focused on lead generation and results. The fact that they don’t ‘do lunch’ or spend time in idle chit chat doesn’t mean that they’re jerks. They’re at work to make money to support a great lifestyle away from the office. Often these are the same people that are more than happy to contribute to office sponsored charity work and are often also involved in volunteering outside the office as well.

In the end, your success is built on just a few things: Your willingness to build a business plan and stick to it, your ability to prospect on a daily basis, and a dynamite follow up plan.

Generate leads. Convert leads. Get contracts signed. Everything else is secondary.

What are you going to do RIGHT NOW to work on your business? What are you going to commit to RIGHT NOW?

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