Top 7 Productivity Killers for Real Estate Pros

Found this great article this morning! It's about working harder, not smarter.

1. Facebook can be a massive killer of productivity! Facebook lists can keep you on track by organizing the massive feed of Facebook data into unique streams that can separate business interactions from your high school friends list to keep you on track.

2. Doing minimum wage work. Successful agents don’t engage in minimum wage activities as THEIR time is MONEY and they are worth a lot more than the $8 an hour they pay someone to stuff envelops.

3. Not utilizing the MLS to the maximum potential. Most MLS’s have come a long way in terms of functionality and a lot of them offer a lot more automation…learn it! See point six.

4. “Buying” into every new technology that comes along. There is a reason why its called the “bleeding edge.” Sometimes you get cut, which turns into a massive productivity killer if the latest shiny object doesn’t pan out. Choose wisely based on your current needs, not fabricated ones.

5. Duplicate Apps – if you already have an app that handles your email well and you are happy with it, use it! The new app that provides 5% more functionality just took you a month to get comfortable with it.

6. Not taking the time to learn the tools you already have. When you invest in something, take the time upfront to learn it inside and out or don’t buy it. The time you waste fumbling around will always exceed the time spent upfront learning it and utilizing it from day one.

7. Creating custom market reports – Technology has come a long way and personalized, relevant communication can be automated to an extent. Market Snapshot reports can be easily created that are targeted and full of great local MLS information that are sent automatically to your sphere.

From my perspective, the short story here is that you need to make sure that any activity you take on has a measurable ROI (return on investment) and that you are delegating tasks effectively.


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