Driving for GOLD

My name is Doug Atkinson. I am a DRIVER to the Athletes for the Vancouver 2010 Winter (Spring) Games. I work at Century 21 In Town Realty in Yaletown in the heart of Vancouver and the Olympic excitement. Our office is directly across from the LIVE VANCOUVER, a park set aside for the Olympics by the city. There are live bands and entertainment. The line up toi get in today is at least 3 hours long. It's amazing the electricity in the air here in Yaletown.

Here is me with My van at the transportation mall.

On Thursday morning I woke up at 3:45am to get ready to be driving for the Speed Skaters at 5:30am. Here are a few pics of the transportation mall with my white 15 passenger van, which I drive the Athletes to the venues. The transportation network is amazing with a HUGE bus network for the athletes and their families.

Here is the view from my front window as I drive up to the Richmond Oval.

As you know Thursday was the day Canada received a GOLD medal in Speed Skating by NESBITT. I didn't drive her and her team, but I did drive the German team and the team for China. It was my first time driving up to the Richmond Oval and I was heading into the wrong entrance to the underground and the 8 atghletes in my van showed me the right way to enter. It was a funny moment, but I was driving the figure skaters up until Thursday. Oops!

It feels great driving these guys around and with the tinted windows in the van. The traffic doesn't know that I possibly could be driving the next gold medalist in the Olympics. I find that very exciting.


Doug Atkinson - Century 21 In Town Realty - 421 Pacific Street, Vancouver, BC CANADA in the heart of Yaletown.



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