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Thanks to those of you who participateed in The Earth Hour. You sure realize how much we rely on electricity! I know I had a hard time shutting the hockey game off.

It has been difficult to believe that spring is here. The dump of snow we had last week gave a shot in the arm to the ski hills in that area. Most if not all hills have said this is the last weekend. I was out on Friday and the conditions were great. There was so much traffic at Blue Mountain that they opened the L hill lift.

The market is heating up. I know there has been more activity on the phones and web site traffic. This is a good sign. With the 5 year rate south of 4.0% and prices down 3 to 5% it makes this a good time to be looking at investing in Real Estate. There are some areas where the reduction in price is greater than 5% but this is generally where the home is a second home or where there is some urgency to sell. It is a good time to hook up with a Real Estate Sales Person that can keep you informed of the market.

Be informed of the conditions in your local market. Be aware that stats that are published are often general and may not be directly applied to the local market!

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