21 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home


It’s the start of a new year, so why not start thinking of ways you can bring some new life into your home. Here are some simple, relatively inexpensive fixes that are sure to make your home something to talk about.

1. PAINT: Give your house a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Keep the colour scheme light, bright and neutral, and add punches of colour with accents such as artwork, pillows, and area rugs.

2. DECLUTTER: Get yourself organized this spring. Clean out closets, cupboards, pantries, storage rooms, the garage, and any other part of the home you tend to store away stuff. If selling, buyers will appreciate the effort because they can better visualize the size of a space and its potential use.

3. LIGHTING: If you’re still sporting that 20-year old light strip over your bathroom mirror, it might be time for an update. Lighting can truly impact the look of your interior spaces as well as date it. Whatever your style or taste keep it current.

4. HARDWARE: Over the years, we’ve seen a huge change in door hardware. There are many different styles and finishes available today. The biggest shift has been from Brass knobs of decades past, to the more sleek, modern pewter finished hardware seen in almost all new homes today. When updating your door hardware don’t forget about the kitchen and bathrooms.

5. REUPHOLSTER: Is your furniture looking kind of tired and worn? Not to worry. There are alternatives to buying new furniture. This is especially important if you’re thinking of selling and want to create a more cohesive, updated look in your home. You can easily find ready-made slipcovers that go right over your sofa or love seat. It’s that simple.

6. PURCHASE FURNITURE PIECES: Sounds contradictory since I said you don’t have to buy a new sofa or love seat. However, some of us have areas or rooms in our home that are void of furniture. Find a life or purpose for these empty spaces and look around your local second hand stores such as Salvation Army, Of Things Past, Moveline Liquidators, and Trading Places for great buys.

7. BE CREATIVE: This step goes a long way, especially with step 6. Think of how you can give new life to something old. For instance, let’s say you buy a used dresser. You can instantly update the look of it by having it sprayed in a high-gloss/lacquered paint finish –consider black for a sleek and modern look; add some glass knobs to it and you have a brand new urban style furniture piece. Paint it Like New in Burlington is a professional painting company that paints everything from cabinetry to furniture.

8. UPDATE: This is a big one, and it doesn’t have to be a budget buster. The biggest bang for your buck with this step will be to tackle your kitchen and baths. The simplest way to complete this step: PAINT!. You can purchase your own paint sprayer from Home Depot for under $100.00. I’ve done this to my own kitchen and used BEHR Premium Primer in One Paint in a Semi-gloss finish. The results will be outstanding. Painting cabinets has become a popular design trend as it instantly revitalizes your space without a complete gut job. The other bonus is that you can add additional details such as a light valance below the upper cabinets or crown molding along the top. Since you’re painting the cabinets, all other trim details can be painted to match for a cohesive, customized look. Stick to white tones for cabinets, as it looks fresh and is timeless.

9. FLOORING: Depending on the condition and age of your floors, replacing them might be the only option, especially if you’re preparing your house for sale. However, a floor replacement project doesn’t have to be expensive if you plan it carefully. Carpet can be replaced for a relatively low cost, especially if you can handle the labour of tearing out your existing carpet. There are also some high-end laminate products that are gaining popularity for their durability in high traffic areas. Another thing to consider is to visit a flooring store and see if they have stock to get rid of or discontinued lines. Sometimes you can work out a really good deal.

10. COLOUR INFUSION: Bring some colour and cheer into your home by selecting some new artwork to display around the home.

11. WINDOW TREATMENTS: Dressing up your windows can really enhance the look of any room in your home. It’s an effective way to inject colour and showcase your design style. Buyers will pay a lot of attention to this as a well-dressed window completes the look of a room

12. CLEAN: With spring on the way. Start making a list of things to clean. A clean home is one of the first things buyers will notice when they enter your home, and it says a lot about how you take care of it. Be sure to clean windows (both inside & out), window sills, wipe down blinds, clean baseboards, trims, doors, light fixtures, scrub floors, and don’t forget to tend to areas such as the basement and garage.

13. FRESHEN UP WITH FLOWERS: Buy a bunch of flowers and display them in the most prominent part of the room. Not only will they look good, they will make the place smell nice too.

 14. PICK A THEME: Pick a theme and stick to it. Take a look around your house and think about what your style and tastes are. Using ideas noted in this blog, think of ways to cohesively carry out one style throughout your entire home. You want your design to flow from one room to the next. A cohesive, well-designed interior is pleasing to the eye, and buyers will be impressed!

15. NEW BATH MAT? Replacing your bathroom accessories might sound relatively simple, but it can have a tremendous impact on the overall impact this space can have. Bathroom accessories enhance and accentuate the style and design you’re trying to achieve. It allows the opportunity to bring in colour, patterns and textures.

16. REPAIRS: Take a tour around your home and make a list of repairs that need to be done. This should be done both inside and out. Check for leaking windows, gaps in sills or window frames that need cocking, leaky faucets, peeling paint on doors/windows, peeling stain on decks/fences, etc.

17. CANDLES: Candles are not only an easy design feature in any room, but they are a great way to add a nice scent to your home. There is something warm, pleasing, and ambient about candles. Cluster them together in odd groups of 3 or 5.

18. OUTDOOR ACCESSORIES: Add instant curb appeal and colour to your exterior with a seasonal wreath on the front door, and/or potted flowers or evergreens in planters and urns.

19. CUT & TRIM: Keep your outside lawn and garden looking nicely manicured. This makes a huge statement when people pull up in front of your house.

20. STRIP & REPAINT: A brand new coat of paint on exterior doors, railings, window casings/trims, and decking, is one of the most effective and instant face lifts you can give your home.

21. OUTDOOR LIVING: Furnish your outdoor entertaining areas such as the deck or patio to showcase the potential and best use of these spaces. Outdoor entertaining and use of outdoor space is very popular nowadays. If selling, then you really want to maximize on this useable space and create a warm and inviting entertaining area. There are all sorts of outdoor accessories, cushions, rugs, and candles that you can find to create a stylish outdoor living space.


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