Ah, yes, Spring is in the air!

That sweet smell of Spring is in the air, the glance of dew on the ground, putting a renewed vigor in your step....suddenly home improvement projects come out of nowhere, you realize your home needs some freshening up, from new paint to a whole new look in your master ensuite.  Hmm, should I call a contractor to do the work, how  much should I spend.....maybe it's time to think about moving to a larger house to accomodate your grotwing family or smart-sizing into a home more suited to your needs, no stairs for example.  Part of what I do as a realtor is not just to help my clients buy or sell homes, but also to connect my clients with the team of experts at my fingertips, professionals I wouldn't hesitate to call on myself.  Before the heat of summer hits us, have you thought about your air conditioning, was it working properly.  Yes, I have a heating/air conditioning expert to help you with that.  What about a mortgage for your new home....check, I have a mortgage broker I can confidently refer you to.  Pre-inspection of your home before selling?  Buyer can confidently know that your home is ready to purchase, with the potential of little to do but move in and, yes, I have a home inspector my clients can trust.  By now, you get my point, that I have a team of professionals, ready to connect with you, providing the same level of customer service I pride myself in.  Oh, and if you are looking for the best bakery, best dry cleaner or want to know about a hockey-training academy, you can count on me, your Real Estate Concierge!

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