August Checklist - Prepping for Fall

Being organized is always top of mind for me so, when the first day of summer started, I was quickly counting down the days until school started.  Of course, I joke, but, all joking aside, running a business and a home means that being hyper-organized is a must. Once summer vacation starts, it throws a bit of a wrench into being organized. Yes, I love the summer, oh to be so carefree and have nothing to do. In fact, I too love putting work aside, heading out for a bike ride or walking the dog, it reminds me to breathe and gives me time to think. Darn if it doesn't make me a better person all around.  I also love to surf the net and check out sites to help me get organized. always have some great tidbits and this article caught my eye - Yes, school is starting soon and it always seems to be a new start of the year for me, I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.  To me, being organized means that everything should run smoothly, whether it's getting children out the door in the morning or preparing yourself for your work day.  Found another goodie to share - just reminds us that tweaking what we do daily, will help us to remain calm and productive!  #Zenhabits - With that being said, off to plan my vacation time, with lots of time to do nothing but relax and come back with a fresh mind!

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