How's the Market???

Danny and I are constantly are asked... "How's the Market?" and although most folks we speak with are under the impression that this is a really tough real estate market, I'm happy to confirm that for those looking to sell in Oakville, it is great news once again in 2013!!! For years we have seen growth in our R/E market within Oakville and 2013 is shaping up to reflect the results of years past.

Yes, granted... sales and pricing fluctuates depending on area within the city as some areas bring this average up and others bring it down. That is why the savvy buyer or seller is wise to choose a local real estate professional that is committed to the area and to serving the needs of the client.

Many clients of ours are looking for growth in their portfolio and also looking to settle in solid family focussed areas. Oakville provides families (especially young families) with many residence options for differing budgets and lifestyles.

If you have any questions about buying/selling real estate or are simply looking for more specific information on the market or for your area, please contact THE DELBONO-MALBOEUF TEAM at or call us @ 905-338-1515


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