Might be February, but Spring Fever is around the corner....hopefully!

Yup, snow day, first in a couple of years, according to my 13-year-old who keeps track of these sorts of things. With everyone home, schedules seem out of whack and, when you tend to work a lot from your home base, you have a harder time balancing work and family. Did you notice that your house seemed a little more crowded than normal? This is when you really notice the clutter. So, on that note, with our friend, the groundhog, reminding us that there are 6 more weeks of winter, I thought I’d put you in the ‘Spring’ frame-of-mind and offer some tips to de-clutter and spring clean your home.

The first thing to keep in mind, pardon this saying, but you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. Try not to be overwhelmed with the task of decluttering and organizing your home, treat it as an opportunity to not only add visual value to your home, but also make you feel great about yourself, and your living space. Start small with your decluttering task, picking one room at a time and maybe even breaking it down even further, like tackling the closet first.

Pick one room at a time, de-clutter start to finish. I would suggest starting with a small room and working your way up from the basement. Start by prioritizing your belongings.. do you use them? do you need them? do you still have a use for them? Check into your municipalities bulk waste pick up days. Chances are, if you put something on the curb, someone who may need it might pick it up.

A good rule of thumbis.. if you haven’t used or worn something in at least a year, maybe its time to let it go. Clothing is a key example… there are a number of donation centers or local women’s shelters that take clothing or household items, and re-home them.Why not help someone else out who may need them.

So, let’s start February off by saying goodbye to winter (and the hopes Mr Groundhog was wrong!) and the pack-rat in all of us! Remember - “A place for everything, and everything in its place” Speaking of place, please plan on joining me for ‘REBOOT YOUR HOME in 2015’ – a timely and informative seminar being held on February 18th. You’ll have a chance to tap into the knowledge of 3 experts in home-related fields and an opportunity to have your name in the draw for a Nest Learning Thermostat! Connect with me @ jennifer.bourikas@century21.ca for further information.

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