Outdoor spaces, who can resist!

Looking at my garden, I realize just how much I love it! ­As much as I can't stand picking the weeds, the satisfying feeling I get when I can sit outside and enjoy the flowers and the outdoor woodburning fireplace, is well worth it! ­Take a look at these photos on #HouseBeautiful­http://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/outdoor-ideas/g853/outdoor-room-design-ideas/­thumbnails - who can resist the colours that punch and the comfortable feeling you get just looking at the furniture! ­You know who also can't resist a well-taken care of lawn, BUYERS! ­ A well taken care of exterior can make or break a sale, with a buyer typically taking 9 seconds to decide they even want to come into your home. ­Feeling overwhelmed with how much garden you have to tend to, like they say 'eat an elephant one bite at a time.' Break your yard down into zones, much like sprinkler zones, and tend to it a little at a time. ­Before you know it, your yard will look immaculate enough for a buyer to jump into putting an offer! ­That being said, I'll don my garden gloves now, get a little vitamin D and you'll find me­in my backyard tonight, enjoying a fine glass of Pino Grigio!

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