Residential Building Permits in Oakville

Projects that require residential building permits in Oakville are*:

  • Construction of a new home,
  • Addition of a carport, garage or room to an existing home,
  • Construction or finishing of rooms in basment or attic,
  • Addition of dormers,
  • Enclosing a porch or deck,
  • Converting a garage space into a living space,
  • Addition of a deck if over 2 feet above the adjacent grade or if it is to be attached to the house
  • Raising a house or excavating a crawl space to provide a full basement,
  • Constructing or installing accessory buildings (garage or shed) larger than 107 square feet,
  • Designated structures such as retaining walls or solar panels,
  • A structure of any size that contains plumbing,
  • Wood burning fireplaces and other heating appliances including the alteration, replacement or extension of ductwork,
  • Geothermal systems,
  • New water service, new sewers, alteration or extension of existing plumbing system.

For more information about how to apply for a residential building permit in Oakville please visit the Town of Oakville web site.


*source: with permission.

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