Spring Cleaning Tips - Getting Your Home Ready to Sell!



1.  Get rid of large items such as furniture, or even if you haven't cleaned throroughly for a while.  Set aside an area for things you don’t need any more. Hold a garage sale, or call a furniture bank.

2.  For what you do want to keep, create an efficient storage system if you don’t already have it.

3.  Inspect, clean and carry out any needed repairs on outside furniture.

4.  Before packing away your winter clothes sort through them to discard or donate the ones you don't need any more. Create an efficient storage system for clothes.

5.  Before you put your winter bedding away, make sure everything is clean. Bring out or buy lighter bedclothes for spring. 

6.  Clean windows and check drapes and window treatments. Vacuum any dust, send dirtier drapes to the cleaners.

7.  Move furniture and vacuum beneath it. This is a good time to clean your upholstery.

8. Clean any carpets or rugs.  If you find that your carpet is getting too dirty, get it professionally cleaned.

9.  Invest in storage solutions to contain clutter. You can buy beds, tables, and many other pieces of furniture that do double duty and help you keep clutter out of sight.

10. Reupholster or repair any piece of furniture that is beginning to look bedraggled.

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