The Dundas-Sixth Line Community Devolopment

The Dundas-Sixth Line Community will be characterized by a mix of land uses that will define the character and function of the neighbourhoods. These uses include: • Single detached / semi-detached residential; • Neighbourhood Centre Area - potential townhouse, live/work units, mid-rise apartments, small lot detached, retail and/or community facilities/services; • Dundas Urban Core - retail, service commercial, potential higher density residential; • Stormwater management pond; • Drainage corridor (stormwater management channel); • Elementary school - outside community limits to the east; • Neighbourhood Park - outside community limits to the east. Single detached and semi-detached residential shall shall comprise the majority of the land area within Dundas-Sixth Line. These are typically front-loaded dwellings on 27.0m deep lots, with front elevations and driveways accessed from the local street network. Beyond the proposed low-density residential, the Dundas Urban Core and Neighbourhood Centre Areas will largely define the identity of the community and, along with the drainage corridor and SWM pond, will encompass the Special Character Areas described in the following sections. 

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