The Power of Curb Appeal

Do you ever find yourself driving down the street and always noticing those few houses that always seem to catch your eye? Chances are, it is because those houses have a certain "curb appeal" that speak to you.

When speaking about curb appeal, I'm not referring to the house that is the biggest or the most expensive. What I'm referring to is the house exterior that always seems to be clean, tidy, have well laid out landscaping, has a  tasteful exterior house colour selection and also an attractive home design, which all work and come together well. Curb appeal is a feeling a property emotes to the the public (or potential buyer).

The ability to improve the "Curb Appeal" of your home is a VERY powerful thing when trying to sell your home. Having the luxury of seeing homes day in and day out as a realtor, I can honestly say that the homes which sell the fastest are the ones that have superior curb appeal. The reality is, that a buyer will know within 15 seconds of walking in the front door of a home, whether they will be placing an offer to purchase that particular house or not. So, if that's the case... then the time that was spent looking at the outside of the home from the street, driveway and lawn, was longer than the time spent walking in the front door and deciding within 15 seconds that they want that particular house.

So... When trying to sell your home, make sure that you do not overlook the POWER OF CURB APPEAL.

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