The Revolution Starts...Right Here, Right Now!

With our 2011 Century 21 International Convention...


During the opening session, we were introduced to the new International Management Team, lead by the energetic and committed, new President, Rick Davidson. The opening session set the tone for the rest of the conference and we knew this was the launch of CENTURY 21 heading towards a brand centred on being smarter, bolder, faster, stronger and more innovative.

It was three days packed with excitement and Enthusiasm – from opening reception to the packed “marketplace” and awards recognition segment then culminating in an announcement of CENTURY 21’s return to television with a commercial spot during the next Super Bowl.

A commercial spot in the Super Bowl and sponsorship of a pregame on NBC is pretty big. And there’s more in the pipeline. The CENTURY 21 brand is on the move - not just in Canada and the United States but in 72 countries around the world. The mission is set. We are going to become a true global leader in real estate.

We had great turnout from our Canadian System members with close to 100 representatives in Vegas. At one point you could hear “O Canada” being belted out during the International Regions Cocktail. Our members are definitely proud to be Canadian.

Aron Ralston made an inspirational presentation to a mesmerized audience. He’s probably most well known as the character played by James Franco in the feature film, 127 Hours. In 2003, Ralston was hiking alone in Utah and was trapped for 5 days when falling rocks pinned his arm down. He was forced to amputate his arm with a dull knife when it became clear he couldn’t free his arm. It was a tear jerker, but that didn’t last once American rock band REO Speedwagon came on stage. I think my ears are still ringing – Great show.

And of course, what’s a birthday without a cake? A 1,500 pound, 12 foot long cake was presented by The Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro himself. Made in Hoboken, New Jersey and transported tenderly across the US, the cake was wheeled in to a cheering crowd.

I’m looking forward to working with Rick Davidson to make the CENTURY 21 brand even bigger in Canada and around the world. It was truly a special event - one that makes me proud to be a part of the CENTURY 21 family.

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