Time to Get Packing!

Hey, moving can be stressful. Being organized is the key to staying sane through it all! Here are some tips that may help you.

Beginning up to two months prior to moving date arrange for movers, equipment rentals, carpet/house cleaning service.

Transfer your mailing address, utilities, subscriptions, medical, dental, school, financial and legal services.

Reassign or Recycle anything you haven't used in 2 years by having a garage sale, posting on Kijiji, donating to charity or giving to friends and family.

Colour coded labels/bags/boxes can make the packing process simpler. Mark FRAGILE boldly when needed. Put heavy things in small packages. Packages of a manageable weight and size is best.

Don't forget to empty all dresser drawers. These are too cumbersome to transfer loaded. Use tape to secure the drawers and doors to keep them from being damaged.

Padding the furniture to protect it with your soft items is a good idea. Lampshades and their hardware can be separated from the bases for swifter, more compact loading. Bag and tape the components together so you don't lose them! Twist tie electrical cords.

A list/photographs of your valuables in the event of something going wrong is a smart move. Have appraisals handy, having these and smaller treasures accompany you when you travel to your new home.

Breakage is minimized if you pack the truck tightly. Items that you will want to use immediately upon arriving, like the vacuum cleaner or coffee maker should be loaded last so you can get them out first.

A care package containing items you may use upon arrival could contain toilet paper, paper plates and cups, drinks, dish soap and J-cloth, dishtowel, change of clothing, light bulbs, flashlight, paper towels, Tylenol.

Unpacking will likely begin with the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom needs. Don't try to do it all at once. Enjoy your new home!

...AND BE SURE TO REFER ME for all your friends' and family's real estate needs!

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