Where are the "Hot Spots"???

For those that are considering moves in 2013, you will find the heat maps from Canadian Business website (http://www.canadianbusiness.com/blogs-and-comment/check-out-this-heat-map-of-toronto-real-estate-prices/) very interesting.

Below is a heat sensitive map of Toronto and how the sold prices are reflected in terms of colour. No surprise that the average detached home in Toronto was $866,326 as of  August 1. The hottest places to be are in West Toronto, the Junction and near High Park, where most homes are selling for above asking price.

Now a different story for the homes in Toronto's surrounding areas... the average price of a detached home was $598,708. A far cry from the Toronto prices! The only exception is the area near Lake Ontario in Oakville.

Many clients of ours are looking at Oakville, Burlington and Milton as preferred areas to live as they provide residents with convenient access to major highways and transit.

Call us today for an accurate outlook on your desired neighbourhood. With our assistance, our clients are able to settle into areas that are growing and thus able to financially protect one of the largest investments families have today... YOUR HOME.

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