You might want to re-think cranking your furnace!

Brr, January has hit us, full force, reminding us of the power of Mother Nature and that we indeed do have 4 seasons in Canada. Daily, we are reminded that our weather can be hot or cold, sometimes very cold. In heating our home during the winter months, there are means to put money back in our wallets! Continuing on last week’s blog about budgeting by meal planning and saving money, I thought I would share some money-saving ways of heating your home. Did you know that lowering your thermostat even by 2 degrees can produce a 4% savings? On top of lowering the temperature on your thermostat, try a programmable thermostat – Click here. Set it for lower temperatures during the day, while you are out, a more comfortable temperature before you go to bed and lower through the night…I can hear the money staying in your wallet! Since we’re on the topic of heat, did you know that the most common maintenance item in your home that always seems to be forgotten is the furnace filter. Many a home inspection I have attended where the home inspector pulls the filter out and it is black, no word of a lie, never having been changed. Not changing the filter actually forces your furnace to work harder, in fact it can actually shut your furnace down. Imagine having a furnace service person come to your home, at $80-$150 on average, only to find out the cause of your furnace’s problem is a dirty furnace filter. Changing the filter can result in an average savings of $50 per year. For other tips on how to reduce your heating costs, Click here– you could be off on a trip to the Caribbean with your savings. Sounds like such a great idea when it’s -14° with the wind chill today!


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